Fundraising for the preservation of the HOLY ROLLER will begin in June 2020.  There will be a technical inspection of the memorial in the summer of 2020 to confirm the process and material required for the preservation.  In 2021 HOLY ROLLER will be removed from its pad in Victoria Park, where it has rested since 1956 and taken to a workshop. In the workshop it will be disassembled, with parts and metal repaired or replaced as required.  Once reassembled HOLY ROLLER will be refinished using modern  techniques to ensure it is preserved for another 50 years.  While HOLY ROLLER is in the workshop the base of the memorial will be refurbished to include a new pad, gardens and recognition of the towns and villages liberated by the 1st Hussars.  HOLY ROLLER will be returned to its proper place in Victoria Park in the spring of 2022 in time for celebrations to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the 1st Hussars.  Additional details will be provided here as the plan is refined.